6 17 Cornelis de Heem Dutch Baroque Era Painter 1631-1695 Still Life with Bird

The unusual program takes us into the extravagant Stylus Fantasticus, defined by Atanasius Kircher in the 1650 as “the most free and unrestrained method of composing, especially suited to instruments. It is bound to nothing, neither to any words nor to a melodic subject, it was instituted to display genius and to teach the hidden design of harmony and the ingenious composition of harmonic phrases and fugues."


PHOENIX brings us again a premiere, this time of Marin Marais’s glorious La Gamme of 1723, an adventurous journey of modulations brought about by an apparently innocent C major scale. In the program other virtuosic works by Giovanni Antoni Pandolfi Mealli, Marin Marais, Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Muffat.


Lilia Slavni  baroque violin 

Marina Minkin harpsichord

Myrna Herzog viola da gamba