Violin player

Murder, Mystery, Music


Lilia Slavni (Holland) & Noam Gal baroque violins 

Marina Minkin harpsichord

Myrna Herzog viola da gamba


A program built around the mysteries surrounding the lives and deaths of J.S. Bach, Purcell, Stradella, Forqueray and Jean-Marie Leclair.
Tales, speculation, gossip?
Come to the concert and we will fill you in, and delight you with fascinating works by these enigmatic masters.



Ensemble PHOENIX Corelli

Allessandro Stradella (1644-1682) - Sinfonia No. 8 in A Minor for two violins and continuo
I. Allegro - II. Andante - III. Allegro - IV. Allegro

Alessandro Stradella - Two-Part Sinfonia no.7 in G major

Henry Purcell (1659-1695) – Toccata quasi Fantasia con Fuga in AM

Henry Purcell - Sonata No.10 in D major, Z. 811 in four parts Grave – Largo - Adagio - Allegro

Jean-Marie Leclair (1697-1764) - Sonata op 9 no 3 in D major
Un poco andante/Allegro/Sarabanda/Tambourin

Jean- Baptiste Antoine Forqueray (1699 – 1782) - La Du Vaucel - La Eynaud

J.S. Bach (1680-1750) – Prelude and Fugue in cm BWV 847 from the Well-tempered clavier

J.S. Bach – Three Organ Trios
Organ Trio in dm (Adagio) BWV 583
Organ Trio in G Minor, BWV 584 after the tenor aria from cantata “Wo gehest du hin” BWV 166
Organ Trio (Allegro) G-Dur, BWV 586


Photo of Ensemble PHOENIX by Yoel Levy