Duarte family in 1653

Leonora Duarte, music at the Palazzo and the Synagogue

A joint project of Ensemble PHOENIX and The Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra
Myrna Herzog – musical direction


From the house concerts at the Duarte palazzo, attended by Antwerp's elite, to the songs chanted at the Portuguese synagogue in Amsterdam (known as 'HaMakom’ for its openness and tolerance of Jews), a glimpse into the musical world of Marranos and Jews in the Low Countries in the 17th century.

Music by Leonora Duarte (1610-1678) and her circle (Constantijn Huygens, Nicholas Lanier, John Bull), her contemporaries Giovanni Coperario and Girolamo Frescobaldi and from the Portuguese synagogue in Amsterdam (c. 1675) – notated from memory in 1942 by their last choir-conductor David Ricardo. The program includes also a Passover sephardic song that Leonora Duarte might have concealed in one of her sinfonias .