Heart to heart


Music and Stories of different countries and centuries, performed by Myrna Herzog  on a viola da gamba... alone.

The recital displays a diversity of genres, revealing the viol’s amazing palette of colors. It brings together pieces that, regardless of the time or place they were written, speak very close to one's heart. 


In the program: music by Ganassi, Vitali, Hume, Hotman, Ste. Colombe father and son, Marin Marais, J.S. Bach & Karl Friedrich Abel toghether with works written for Myrna by contemporary composers Luiz Otávio Braga, Shunichi Tokura, Dina Smorgonskaya and Aharon Shefi.







 Myrna Herzog 

and a viola da gamba by Edward Lewis circa 1685







Heart to Heart represented Israel in Sarajevo's Winter Festival 2011.