Jonathan Keren   baroque violin

Jonathan KerenJonathan Keren can be heard today in concert venues as well as music clubs, performing in a variety of styles. His recent performances have included the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and the Metropolitan Museum in New York. He is currently playing baroque music on period instruments, contemporary music and different kinds of folk music on violin.

Jonathan began his studies as a violinist with Mr. Chaim Taub. He participated in music festivals such as the Rolands-eck chamber music festival in Germany, the Brezice Baroque Festival in Slovenia and the Spring Festival for contemporary music in Saint Petersburg. In his native Israel Jonathan performed in such venues as the Jerusalem Music Center and the Opera house in Tel-Aviv. Mr. Keren served for three years in the Israeli Army as a member of the “outstanding musicians” unit. During that time he also performed frequently with the Kaprizma Ensemble (contemporary music) and with Ktifa Shkhora (Celtic music with mid-eastern influences).

Jonathan is a member of Ensemble PHOENIX, of La Mela Di Newton Baroque Trio in New York, with harpsichordist Lionel Party and cellist Ira Givol, and he performs with the Klezshop (free-klezmer music) and Quinteto Rodriguez (Cuban-Jewish music).


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