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No one concert this group performs is conventional… One cannot deny PHOENIX’s superb musicianship in whatever it tackles. Those of us looking for first class performance will never be disappointed by PHOENIX. It has set new standards for Early Music performance in Israel.” Go Jerusalem


"Ensemble PHOENIX: for the ones looking for baroque programs with originality and quality." Yedioth Aharonoth


La Susanna, Stradella's amazing oratorio

Berliner 4 no bgBased on Chapter 13 of the Book of Daniel, “La Susanna” was Stradella's last work. Within this compelling story of assault and lies, the Voice of Susanna stands out: her powerful calling out in the name of justice, even at the risk of her life.
The story has been the subject of painting for centuries (Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Manet etc.) and is very relevant in today's world.
Soloists: Monica Schwartz, Liron Givoni, Yonathan Suissa, Daniel Portnoy and Yoav Ayalon. Conducted by Myrna Herzog.
We are indebted to editor Lorenzo Girodo for sharing his edition of the work. 


Bach versus Haendel

Berliner 4 no bgBach's complexity versus Handel's nobility in the light of his music for flute, harpsichord and viola da gamba. 
The works excel in the many shades and attempts of the two composers in a variety of sounds, forms and styles.
Playing the instruments of the period: Moshe Aron Epstein (baroque flute),  Aviad Stier (harpsichord) and Myrna Herzog (viola da gamba, musical direction) 


Bach in Italy

Ceiling of the Camera degli sposi_palazzo ducale MantuaAlthough he never left Germany, Bach journeyed to Italy through the study of the works of Italian masters , fully assimilating the Italian style.
In our program we visit his pieces of Italian inspiration like the Aria Variata alla maniera italiana, the Capriccio sulla lontananza del fratello dilettissimo and the celebrated Italian Concerto – all of them in new clothing.
Performed on period instruments by Noam Schuss, Yulia Lurie, Marina Minkin and Myrna Herzog


Brazil, from end to end


This is a guided musical tour through Brazil, lovingly led by Brazilian conductor Myrna Herzog. You will smile with the Shepherds' Mass by black composer Nunes Garcia, be moved by the Imposing Credo written by Emperor Pedro I, dream with Villa-Lobos' Bachiana No. 5, sing together the famous fishermen song by Dorival Caymmi, and dance with the lundu which is at the root of the samba.! With Monica Schwartz, Noa Hope, Itamar Hildesheim, Gili Rinot, The Madrigal singers directed by Itay Berckovitch. Performed on period instruments by Ensemble PHOENIX.   



Peter Paul Rubens and workshop The Triumph of Judas Maccabeus 1635 CUTHighlights of the extraordinary oratorio by Haendel, telling the story of Judah Maccabee, Jewish leader who defended his country from invasion by the Seleucid king Antiochus IV Epiphanes. "Judas shall set the captive free, And lead us all to victory!".
Ensemble PHOENIX and Soloists: Monica Schwartz, Liron Givoni, Yonathan Suissa, Daniel Portnoy, Hagai Berenson.
Conductor, musical director: Myrna Herzog


Fifths & Dissonances: the great quartets

PHOENIX FIFTHS lightThe great string quartets by Haydn & Mozart: Haydn's op. 76 no 3,“Fifths”, “full of invention, fire, good taste and new effects” (as Burney described it) and Mozarts's K. 465, the “Dissonances”, amazing in its harmonic boldness and polyphonic complexity.
Performed on period instruments by Daniel Fradkin, Lilia Slavny, Amos Boasson and Myrna Herzog