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No one concert this group performs is conventional… One cannot deny PHOENIX’s superb musicianship in whatever it tackles. Those of us looking for first class performance will never be disappointed by PHOENIX. It has set new standards for Early Music performance in Israel.” Go Jerusalem


"Ensemble PHOENIX: for the ones looking for baroque programs with originality, and it means that you can expect quality." Yedioth Aharonoth


Rameau: Tradition & Innovation

gateaux-light cut vignette

The Israeli premiere of  Jean-Philippe Rameau’s complete chamber music.  Imagination, refinement, pathos and boldness make those works a delight and a privilege to hear.  
"Intended for all the ones waiting to hear Rameau – a true delight. In short, the French Baroque highlights of beauty." Hanoch Ron, Yedioth Aharonot

"The Baroque expertise of all four artists took the pieces beyond that of technical know-how, recreating the evocative selection of musical vignettes in all their intricate detail." Pamela Hickman


The varied rainbow of bowed instruments

rainbow-266049Myrna Herzog plays and introduces different bowed instruments which were in use in the Middle Ages (vielle), the Renaissance (rabel or rabeca - still used as a folk instrument) and the Baroque (baroque cello, bass viola da gamba and quinton).


Il Diluvio Universale

Il Diluvio Michelangelo-slide

"A piece of history, in the history of baroque concerts in Israel: "Il Diluvio Universale", the wonderful Sicilian baroque oratorio by Michelangelo Falvetti (1642-1692) , on the story of Noah and the Flood, appeared for the first time in a public concert in Israel, signed by five of the finest Israeli singers and the musicians of Ensemble PHOENIX conducted by Myrna Herzog". Hagai Hitron, HaAretz

“A major event of the 2015 October Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival was the Israeli premiere of Michelangelo Falvetti’s “Il Diluvio Universale” (The Great Flood), to a libretto of Vincenzo Giattini, a work of exceptionally fine quality, its originality and inventiveness fired with fine melodic, harmonic and polyphonic writing.  Myrna Herzog has once again thrilled festival audiences, introducing them to a little-known and rare Baroque treasure that recounts a well-known Bible story with freshness and magic.” Pamela Hickman


Passion and Madness


The bright color of madness caused by love has been throughly explored by English 17th century composers and playwrights. We bring you some remarkable portraits painted by Blow, Purcell, Eccles, Lawes together with their idiosyncratic instrumental music.
With Alon Harari (countertenor),  Rachel Ringelstein and Tali Goldberg (baroque violins),  Marina Minkin (harpsichord) and Myrna Herzog (musical direction & viola da gamba).