Castagneri celloThis is a small cello, of the kind made for ladies in France at the mid. 18th century. The beautiful Vieux- Paris varnish and the lovely cut of the f-holes are very characteristic of Castagneri's work, and can be seem as well in the viola da gamba.


In the section dedicated to his viol, read the short biography of the Italian that became one of the three most famous French makers of his time.  As he learned the craft and got his diploma of maker in France, his work is absolutely French.



Castagneri cello LaFille headCastagneri cello side

Head of cello by Andrea Castagneri, Paris c.1740.

The carved flower and the coquille Sait-Jacques seem to be the work of LaFille.

It witnesses the love of ornaments typical of the Rococco period in France.