Lubin Baugin matins

 A viol solo recital by Myrna Herzog related to Alain Corneau's film, followed by a lecture on the film's main character, the elusive figure of Mr. de Ste. Colombe.


This program was recently performed in Istambul, Turkey.

The first part offers music connected to the film, by Ste. Colombe father and son, Hotman, Lully, Marais. The second part includes the music of Tobias Hume,  Karl Friedrich Abel and four works originally written for the viol by  contemporary composers , dedicated to Myrna Herzog: Luiz Otavio Braga, Shunichi Tokura, Dina Smorgonskaya and Aharon Shefi.

To show that the gamba is very much alive!


Lubin Baugin matins



Myrna Herzog - viola da gamba solo

Performing on an original viol by Andrea Castagnery 1744