Cabral cheg Oscar Pereira da Silva Museu Historico Nacional

POR MARES NUNCA DANTES NAVEGADOS/Thro' Seas where Sail was never Spread Before

The spectacle joins 16th century music and texts, to recount the fascinating saga of the discovery of Brazil by the Portuguese fleet headed by Pedro Álvares Cabral on April 22nd 1500.

Share the first look of Europeans and their adventures in the land of the Tupinambá Indians. From Pero Vaz de Caminha to Hans Staden, from Villegagnon to the Inquisition files, the presence and impressions of Portuguese, Spanish, Italian,   Jews,  African, French and German.

The musical part includes pieces from the Iberic and Sephardic cancioneiros, and from the pen of important composers such as Josquin, Isaac, Goudimel, Le Jeune, Senfl.

The title phrase "Por mares nunca dantes navegados" (Thro’seas where sail was never spread before) was taken from the epic poem of Portugal's major poet, Luiz de Camões.



Cabral cheg Oscar Pereira da Silva Museu Historico Nacional

 “A literary-musical tapestry, a beautiful voyage into the dawn of the Age of Discoveries, its colors and cares, explored within a refined musical treatment… All this is enveloped in an exquisite sonorous mantle dominated by the sound of violas da gamba, trademark of the PHOENIX ensemble." Luiz Paulo Horta, O Globo, Brazil

"Carefully-chosen texts interwoven among the musical selections… Good musicians, and a refreshing concept clearly prepared with conscientious research." Judith Cohen, A short bibliography of Sephardic Music

"The highly attractive, almost entirely unknown program, and its fascinating performance revived the exciting experience and moods of a major historical event." Ury Eppstein, The Jerusalem Post, Israel

 "Dear Phoenix ensemble, I have been listening to your music for quite a while now - I always enjoy your concerts and I also have several of your CDs (my favorite now is "Por Mares Nunca Dantes Navegados" [launching title of the CD in its Portuguese version]. It is wonderful! I can't stop listening to it). I felt like I had to write a note of thanks for the beauty which you bring to us, your audience, your listeners. I am continuously touched, invigorated, intrigued, moved -- by the pieces you play, the quality of your performance, the energy that emanates from your music, the sense of joint artistry which characterizes every performance, both live and recorded.  Thank you all, and especially thanks to Myrna Herzog". Bracha Nir, PhD, University of Haifa.


ThroseasMyrna Herzog- concept, research, musical director
Miriam Meltzer - soprano
Boaz Davidoff– tenor, percussion
Benny Hendel - narrator
Lilia Slavni - treble viol, rebec 
Uri Smilanski - tenor viol, recorders, crumhorns
Myrna Herzog – bass viol, kemence, crumhorns
Alexander Fine - dulcians, crumhorns, recorder
Isidoro Roitman - lute