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on period instruments


Moshe Aron Epstein on an original classical flute built in 1780
Tali Goldberg  violin
Rachel Ringelstein viola
Myrna Herzog  cello


Although Mozart referred to the flute as “an instrument I cannot bear”, he wrote wonderful music for it in his symphonies, concertos and operas. His four flute quartets are unique musical gems, displaying great diversity, charm, pathos and also humor!

 As Neal Zaslaw points out, "these flute quartets are central to the classical flute repertoire – and deservedly so:
the composer’s characteristic charm, wit, beauty, elegance are in evidence throughout. The works convincingly embody the desire, which Mozart expressed in a letter to his father, to compose music that engages trained musicians, while also
entrancing lay listeners without their necessarily knowing precisely why."

Listen to them in the warm sonority of the period instruments, performed by some of Israel's most distinguished chamber musicians.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791)

The Complete Flute Quartets on Period Instruments

Ensemble PHOENIX photo Yoel Greenberg light  

משה א. אפשטיין חליל קלאסי

Moshe Aron Epstein classical flute

טלי גולדברג כינור

Tali Goldberg violin

רחל רינגלשטיין וִיוֹלָה

Rachel Ringelstein viola

מירנה הרצוג צ'לו

Myrna Herzog cello



Quartet in G major KV 285a (1777 – 78) רביעייה בסול מג'ור

Andante – Tempo di Menuetto

Quartet in C major KV Anh. 171 (285b) (1786 – 87?) רביעייה בדו מז'ור

Allegro – Andantino (Theme and 5 Variations) – Adagio – Variation VI – Allegro 


Quartet in A major KV 298 (1786) רביעייה בלה מג'ור

Thema. Andante – Variation I – Variation II – Variation III – Variation IV

Menuetto – Trio – Da capo Menuetto

Rondeau. Allegretto grazioso, mà non troppo presto, però non troppo adagio. Così-Così – con molto garbo ed espressione


Quartet in D major KV 285 (1777) רביעייה ברה מג'ור

Allegro – Adagio – Rondeau. Allegretto


flutist Hayman slide

"Hearing these Mozart gems performed on period instruments and in a small hall was a true delight. Live performance is also about seeing and experiencing the players’ communication with each other and with the audience. Ensemble PHOENIX’ informed, polished and profound performance was well appreciated by the audience."  Pamela Hickman

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